Scott- North Dakota

Hi Scott,
I just wanted to make sure and write you. Id like to say that your flair bartender training program is fantastic. The other employees and I had a really good time and learned alot! Some more then others, but that is what the manual is for right?!

The bar is comming along. More delays here and there but should be done by this comming wednesday. Samuel and I have been trying to get some bottles together and practice with them because Jeff started to try some things we did. He tried with a full bottle and I guess it doesnt quite rotate the same way that the flair practice bottle does! Not a big surprise.
Again, thank you so much for everything. I had a great time and leared more then I thought the classes were about. Im glad that your program is not just about the flair as a focus, but like you said, more of a tool to use to make the guests experiance that much better.

Thank You,
Scott Eisenbeisz
The Drink Bar

P.s. Ms. Young, if you are reading this, good job! Your son is a really good guy!