Our Team

The 4th Bartending website to be on the Internet.

We are a family run company that has a truly fantastic life because we never really feel like we’re working :). Our goal is to create a “WOW FACTOR” at your bar or party and we seem to make friends with everyone we deal with.If you’ve ever called or e-mailed us in the office you’ve probably talked with Karen Young. She’s our General Manager and my Mom. I’m Scott, the only son but mom got lucky when I started the company because I pretty much adopted a bunch of little brothers & sisters who wanted to learn to be better bartenders. Everyone calls her Mom and she instilled in all of us to; always strive to be the best and to go the exta mile to help everyone around us. Bartenders should be more than just servers & order takers, we should be all around, good natured entertainers. ( Pictures…Mom, Scott, Micah, Dave, Ryan, Tyler, Carly, Brad, Mike-Carly & Tex, Mike doing a Backdraft, Paul, Raji doing a Waterfall of Shooters, Jono & his little friend :),  Mike, Kelly, Joe, Tex, Raji, Brad, Carly, ) All our instructors began as students, mostly just as they were getting into the industry, and have become part of our large extended family, true friends & equals and are now my teachers.

Brad Kaplan - Denver Instructor/Performer

We have a really great team of people who are truly passionate about teaching & performing. Matt, DJ, Roland, Parkinson, Clark & Ivan also are important members of the team. Thank you also to previous instructors…Ian, BJ, Marcin, Mark, Grant, Brad, Dallyce and even D.Beat.