Beer 101

  • Draft Beer: Are Your Profits Going Up in Foam?

    Draft Beer: Are Your Profits Going Up in Foam?Draft beer is considered by many beer drinkers to be the ultimate in flavor. The process used to brew beer for kegs is different from bottled/canned beer, and the minimal preservatives used allows the true beer taste to shine through.Bar operators love draft beer also, and not […]

  • Beer & Food

    First of all, remember that the ultimate decision is a matter of personal taste. But, there are some rules of thumb to help you narrow the options. Generaly, full-flavour foods matches well to full-flavoured beer and vice versa. What temperature should you serve beer? Well, lagers, bocks, and light-bodied ales should be served at 7-10 […]

  • Ales – An Introduction

    Known as the original beer style. Ales are classified by the yeasts that rise to the top of the fermenting vessel at the end of fermentation. Typically ales will be lower in carbonation, slightly richer and served warmer than lagers. Different types of ale are as follows: Pale Ale is a copper-coloured beer. Pale ale […]