In 1994 he founded Bar Smart Inc. which evolved into ExtremeBartending.com (the 4th bartending related website on the internet). He is considered by many to be the pioneer for standardized training for practical working flair bartending. His first book is now available with a series of 10 more on the way this year.



There are many words used to describe Extreme Bartending…flair, performance, cocktail, ultimate, Olympic, etc. They pretty much all come down to the same thing … performing. Extreme Bartending means to perform, and entertain your customers. Don’t just serve a drink, SERVE IT WITH STYLE! Before we get to that, let’s start with some important questions.

Now imagine if you were the bartender. How it would be if you were able to do all that? Can you see yourself standing in front of a crowd that looks truly amazed by your performance? The excitement builds with every drink you pour. How would that feel for you when you are able to entertain that whole crowd with some great bartender moves?

Think about what kind of bartender job opportunities you can get, when you master these Flair bartender skills. People will want to buy drinks just to see you in action, if that doesn’t persuade your boss, I don’t know what will.

So do the smart thing and get started with the Working Flair Starter Series DVD Box Set so you can show off your bartender skills to your friends, boss, dates…

Don’t let this opportunity slip between your hands.


Want an entertaining, high energy, professional flair bartender(s) to entertain your guests as they serve their drinks?
First class entertainers & bartenders all in one. Hire us and your guests will be talking about what a great party it was.

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Located in Vancouver, Canada but we travel anywhere in the world for your event

Trained Staff & Performed Demonstrations In…

14 Countries…

9 Provinces in Canada…

21 States in USA


For over 23 years, our Flair bartending school has provided the best training for flair bartenders around the world.

The Flair bartending school features a 22 step flair bartender training program that will show you the flair bartending tricks that will entertain your customers and put tips in your pocket.

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If you don’t entertain your customers…Someone else will

Flair Bartending gives your customers a reason to come to your bar, stay longer, spend more money, Tip well, and tell all their friends about what a great time they had!

Flair Bartending School has been featured in almost 400 TV interviews, Magazines and Newspaper Articles, Nightclub and Bar Magazine says Scott Young and his Extreme team.

On-Site Flair Bartending School
We come prepared to offer your staff a 10 day Flair Bartending Challenge. We provide a complete Flair Bartending School Training, Testing and Rating System that you can use to rate your bartenders, by the numbers, yourselves. Flair Bartenders who score high on our tests are plain and simply a more valuable employee to you.

“World’s Leading Ambassadors of the Flair Bar Arts”

Increase Your Bartending Skills with Extreme Bartending
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