Bar Management

  • What Do I Do With a Drunk?

    What Do I Do With a Drunk?As a bar manager or bartender, you either have faced or will have to face the delicate issue of how to handle a drunk. Often an effective approach will make the difference between a peaceful incident and a potentially violent confrontation.As we mentioned in a previous article, the drunk […]

  • Draft Beer: Are Your Profits Going Up in Foam?

    Draft Beer: Are Your Profits Going Up in Foam?Draft beer is considered by many beer drinkers to be the ultimate in flavor. The process used to brew beer for kegs is different from bottled/canned beer, and the minimal preservatives used allows the true beer taste to shine through.Bar operators love draft beer also, and not […]

  • Drunks: Are They Responsible, or Are You?

    Drunks: Are They Responsible, or Are You? If a bar patron causes an accident or other legal problem, who is responsible?Remember this: The person legally responsible for the intoxicated individual is “the hand that served the drink.” That rule of thumb can mean a bar or bartender is liable if a bar patron becomes legally intoxicated […]

  • Effective Response to the Dreaded Auditor

    Effective Response to the Dreaded AuditorAre You Vulnerable to Tax Audits?Auditors look for operations with lots of cash sales. They tend to select industries using employees who earn tips. The nature of the bar business is cash-based and employees earn tips. Both of these characteristics attract auditors.In this new arena of increased audits, it is […]

  • Why There’s No Substitute for PHYSICAL Inventory

    Why There’s No Substitute for PHYSICAL InventoryYour POS ( Point Of Sale ) system is an excellent tool for handling many functions in your operation. Where most POS systems fall short, however, is in the crucial area of physical inventory.Although many POS vendors and pouring control systems will tell you they handle physical inventory just fine, […]

  • Put Pouring Cost to Work for You

    Put Pouring Cost to Work for YouPouring cost is one of the most important, and most misunderstood, figures in the world of bar management. PC, as it’s known in the industry, is a crucial benchmark used to help management gauge whether a bar is generating an acceptable and consistent profit. Operating a bar without a […]

  • Establish Good Recipes

    Test Your BartendersLast week we talked about the need for good recipes, and to make sure your bartenders follow them. This is a good start, but it isn’t worth beans if your bartenders don’t pour the recipes correctly. It is essential to your success that you test your bartenders regularly.This means that they must not […]

  • Let Them Eat Cake- Food & Beverage

    Let Them Eat Cake Over the past decade, the food and beverage department at hotels has transitioned significantly.  Hotels with restaurants continue to improve their F&B operations, from expanding menus to creating unique offerings for guests.   On the other end of the spectrum, hotels without restaurants primarily focus on maximizing profit in the rooms department.  […]

  • Stopping Bar Theft

    Your Bartender’s “Retirement Plan”Bartenders are generally a nice bunch of people, but temptation sometimes gets the best of them. Here are some examples of what they might do to “get ahead in life.” There are variations on many of these themes, so don’t by any means consider this a comprehensive list: Overpouring to get a […]

  • Banquet Inventory With Accubar

    Banquet Inventory Banquets and Events Made EasyIf you do banquets, AccuBar can help streamline your operations. Using AccuBar for banquets has several advantages: It allows you to easily start a function with full and partial bottles. It provides a simplified report for a single function, complete with consumption, cost extensions and estimated sales figures (which […]