Two Hunters Walk into a bar

“These two hunters enter the bar every day, the first one always carries the skin of an bear, the other one always empty handed. So the second one goes up to the first hunter and asks him how he gets to shoot a bear every day. “”Well, that’s easy””, he replies,”” I just go over to one of those holes in the mountain, stand in front of it and shout; ‘Yo, fat f***** cu** of a bear, get your stinking a** out off this hole!’ as loud as I can, then the bear gets out and I shoot the it. Easy as that.””

“”O.K.”” the other one says, “”I’ll remember that””. So the next day the first hunter comes into the bar with his skin and orders a beer. About ten minutes later the second one crawls in, covered in blood, missing an leg, and is generally a mess. So the bartender yells “”What the happened to you man?!””

“”Aargh””, “” I did what my buddy told me to do, I went to a hole, started shouting and swearing at that bear and guess what happened?””

“”A train came out.””

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