The Cowboy

“The Cowboy
A cowboy walks into a saloon bar and orders a large bourbon. Finishing his drink, he turns to the face the guy playing the piano, takes out his gun, shoots the music papers into the air, shoots the guys hat off and finally shoots the lid down trapping the poor guys fingers, before a flash spin with the gun and puts it back in its holster.

“”Brilliant shooting”” says the bartender, “”Mind if I look at your gun?””

Another flashy spin brings the gun into the bartenders hands. “”Nice tool, but if I were you I would file off the sight, all the rough edges, and where your name is in diamonds on the handle, make it all nice and smooth?””

“”What the hell for?”” asks the cowboy.

“”Well see that piano player?”” says the bartender, “” He is Billy the Kid, and when his hands are better he is going to ram that gun up where the sun don’t shine.”” ”

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