Our Testimonials

Scott Young,
Thank you so much for your time at the seminar, I cant wait to have my bartenders have fun with this, I cant wait to do it myself. This is going to be awesome. Thank you again for fueling the fire.

Jessica Poteet
Spotlight lounge

Jessica ( Usa )

Thanks again to you for participating in the 2007 educational program at the Night Club & Bar Magazine Trade Show.

I truly appreciate the hard work and effort you put into the planning and presentation of your session. The program would not have been as successful without your participation and I hope I have the opportunity to work with you again.

All the Best,

Gina Rounsaville
Education/Media Coordinator

Gina ( Las Vegas )

Hey Scott hows it going? My name is Andy Holmes, I recently took the 2 day seminar at Level Nite Club, a few weeks ago put on by Dave and Tyler.

Pretty much amazing, haha best way to put it. I work at level as a porter, hoping one day to “tend the bar” so to speak. My expirience before coming into the class was pretty green, snapping beers and pouring draft and a few restauronts, making bellinis and all those fun things.. I got a job at level Nite Club a few months ago and just started to like the fun I was having.

I am achually a third year apprentice electrician, but in Febuary I got in a terrible car accident which prevented me to work as a sparky any longer, so I figured I would give bartending another shot.

Soon after I started working at a local pub aswell, just to get more expirience, and then Dave had a chat with me before heading off to a football camp.

It all happened so fast, two nights sold me, Gotcha’s (the club that dave and tyler mainly bartend) had an 80’s night and I got to spend the majority of the night watching Dave and Tyler..

I watched three things, I watched them WOW the croud, make a butt load of money, and have even more fun.

After the night was over I was still on the edge of paying money I didnt have to goto this seminar, but Dave convinced me and loaned me the money to take the seminiar.. I drove back from vancouver after my football camp ina hurry i was so stoked.

I am not going to lie, the first time I saw a bartender flair me my drink I was like “okay, ummm thanks I guess” and didnt think much of it, but I noticed myself be like a deer in headlights.. I kept going back to Ivan Chew’s bar just because it was something I havent seen before..

Since the seminar, work, isnt so much work anymore.. its like getting paid to hang out and have fun.

Along with that, my boss was super stoked because more people would come sit at my bar, on the fact that the wood at my bar was a more fun place to be. Now to a the good stuff, my pocket was stuffed with 3-5 times as much cash as before, which makes not being able to work construction alot easier on my pocketbook..

Dave, Tyler and Ivan have only been 200% supportive of me, showing me new stuff and perfecting the zones I learned, now I am moving down to vancouver for my football season and instead of working as a labourer I am walking onto two seperate bartending jobs. Anyways what I wanted to say is thanks alot for setting everything up, its helped me alot..

Thanks for reading this and thanks again for everything!

-Andy Holmes

Andy Holmes ( Kelowna )

Aloha from Hawaii Scott,

My name is Kris I am a bartender from Hawaii, I currently work at a luau as my first job out of bartending school. I been here for almost one year and have also held down a job at a sprots bar until it closed down about 3 weeks ago.

I bought your working flair dvd from bar products .com and its been like a bible to me.

I watched and practiced before I started working at this luau. As soon as I came in I started having more fun than anyone and served drinks with style and it has made me a lot of money. And I been very happy until now…
It seems a few other bartenders see what I’m doing and how much fun I’m having, have taken it upon themselves to practice flair at work.

Now managment is starting to notice this and have talked about banning any kind of flair.

I’m sure you have run into this problem so I ask what should I do? I have worked without working flair for two days and have been miserable and have even thought about quitting and look for another bar job but as you must know it is hard for a guy to find a bar job in hawaii clubs want females and resteraunts want waiters before bartenders. Please
give me some kind of guildence.

Thanks for your time and the great things you have done and I am a firm believer in flair……….

Kris ( Hawaii )

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to say thank you again for making this seminar a really memorable time for me! I am truly grateful to have gotten insight on the bar scene from the perspective of those who serve people their drinks!
My current job does not give me the luxury to have the kind of fun that you guys seem to have. But with housing prices as they are, I am strongly considering taking up a second job. 🙂

Your passion for the business has really touched me. It is my hope that I can apply the things you have taught me about taking care of people and provide them with the best possible experience.

Wish you guys all the best!

Bryan Co

P.s. if you have a picture of me practicing flair, could you email me a copy?

Bryan Co

Like your products. I have several flair bartender bottles and other bar products. Also the flair videos are great.

The recipes section is bonus, though hard because of regional differences and possible job differences.
One thought to pass along is that some of the recipes seem to need editing and the instructions section does not seem to allow for enough characters via the website code ie http://www.mixeddrinkrecipes.net/recipes/display/17146/ just for your info….

keep up the good work.


Brian ( Usa )

Hey Karen and Scott,

I wanted to drop a line because it just hit me that this August it will be exactly
two years since I flew to Vancouver from New Orleans to be at your seminar.
(August 21-22 2005) It was an amazing experience, and although when I returned
hurricane Katrina changed a lot of things for me, life has been good. After several
moves I made my way to Destin, Florida and I have been the Head Bartender
at Poppy’s Seafood Factory for a little over a year and a half.

It hasn’t exactly been my dream gig, but the money is good and I’ve learned alot
more about the business side of things and what it really takes to run a bar. I also
know that much of my success is due to things I’ve learned from your DVD’s and
your seminar in Vancouver.

I want to thank you both so much for being such wonderful people and making such
a quality product. You are both near and dear to my heart.

After the hurricane, I tried to remain as positive as I could, but in retrospect I realize i became bitter and harbored a lot of resentment for my circumstances. I guess I really
felt like I had a dream ripped away from me.

I moved 5 times in a 6 month period, but
on a positive note, everytime I moved into a new place I would put one of the seminar
series DVD’s on the TV while I got the rest of my stuff setup.

I would be putting my furniture together and always have the discussions of the seminars playing in the background.
Plus I usually didn’t have cable so the DVD’s were pretty much all I had!

All those moves turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because during that time
I absorbed a tremendous amount of information from those DVD’s. I owe a lot of my
success to that.

I think in the coming months I’m going to refocus my efforts towards flair bartending
and try to get a fresh start in a venue that is more receptive to the whole flair concept.

I’ve attached two pictures with this email, one of Scott and I in Vancouver, and one of me at work.

In the meantime I’m going to continue having more fun than anybody and serving it with style!
Thanks again so much!

James Lucas

James Lucas ( Formerly Of New Orleans )

Thanks to you, Scott and Dave for a job well done. I walked around yesterday around the bars, encouraging the bartenders to use their newly acquired flair skills…and they did.

There is still a lot of excitement amongst all bartenders. I can see a lot of practice going on. So far, so good. The training was very successful, indeed; I am definitely looking forward to receiving the test.

Bernard Mazet
Regional Director, Food & Beverage-Eastern Caribbean Sandals Resorts International

Bernard Mazet ( St. Lucia & Antigua )


Thanks for the personal phone call today. I was in a massage session and was very surprised to get a phone call from “The Man” himself.

Thanks for the information but I don’t really do any flair bartending at this time. I work in a upper scale restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee and they don’t want bartenders flairing due to such “snoddy” guest.

I would love to work in a more high volume bar but just haven’t been at the correct place a the correct time yet.

Once again thanks for the phone call. This speak volumes to me that you are very interested in people.

Michael D. Duke

Michael ( Hendersonville- Tennessee )

Dear Mr.Young
I would like you to present my selfe,I’m working as a president of profesional school of bartending which me and two other of assosiates are runig together.

I’m very imprest from your cdies of flair bartending,that my friend are sending to me.They are so creative that I developt me level of working from beter to best.I only liked to thank you for your help,and wish you good luck in the future and hope we will cooperate one day.

Yours sincearly,
Mr.Darko Angeleski

Darko ( Macedonia )