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More than paid for itself in a couple of shifts! From now on I ll be reaping the rewards.

Betsy Atkins

I worked a buy-out party 2 nights ago for a company. We had 5 different bars set up and I did some of the tricks I have learned from your videos. My bar got a crowd around it….my tips tripled all the other bartenders and I have the least experience! Thanks so much! You guys rock!

Lee Killingsworth ( Las Vegas )

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that your video series is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am definitely going to present your company to my management team to train our bartenders at all our locations.

No questions here, just praise. I would like to thank the team at Barsmart for the outstanding video series I have received. The teaching methods are outstanding. I have several years of extreme bartending experience through TGI Fridays, but have never had the type of instruction necessary to excel, though I do know enough to stand out in a crowd. I have won all the performances held locally, and through your instruction, hope to move on nationally. I m not Alan Mays, or Kent Hall, yet, but with practice, I am confident in my abilities. The Quest competitions are coming up. The local, and regional are in a few weeks, and I hope to do well.

Jeremy S. Helm

Excellent content, very thorough. A 10 + experience!

David Fisher

Scott, I caught your seminar at the Bar and Beverage show in Toronto. I m the guy that was from Bar Tricks that helped you put up your banner. I just want to say that the seminar was awesome . I learned a lot too. Thanks and keep inspiring .
Mad Trappers

Dave Charlton ( Tillsonburg, Ontario )

Scott, Hey how ya doin ? My name is Roger Bath, and I have the corner of the market on Extreme Bartending in the town I live in. I have been through all four of your videos, and I m getting pretty efficient at flair. I was wondering if you have individual classes somewhere that I could attend.

I want to be taught by the best,

and from what I hear you re it !


Rog (roger Bath- Emporia, Kansas)

I just received your Extreme Bartending video series and I have to say that they are definitely motivating me and the other bartenders to do our jobs with style. I hope to talk to the management team here and convince them to bring the seminars over here.


Mr. Scott young I have your tape of Extreme Bartending from volume 1 to 4 . I really appreciate the tape . I learned lots of simple steps in flipping that I m now applying in my job. Thanks a lot. More power to Extreme! I hope we can even meet soon.
Your student in the Philippines,

Noel Borja ( Philippines )
Noel Borja ( Philippines )

The Extreme Bartending video series is simply the best of its kind! After watching and practicing your step-by-step guide, I was able to immediately put the principles and moves into my repertoire.

Your series inspired me to become much more creative and I began coming up with many, many moves on my own. I m already using many of the customer service principles that you discuss. However, your instructional series has caused me to focus on them even more. It has rejuvenated our entire staff!!

Your course has not only given us a very powerful tool to use directly but, has helped us create our own new and innovative ideas. Thank you so much for putting this course together. It s value to our staff and to me personally is immeasurable.

I have learned something from each instructional video that I have watched. Your simple, step-by-step approach is great and I like that you go to great lengths to cover the essential customer service issues that make or break an exceptional bartender,. For a bartender, bar owner or manager this is the only series to use. That is, of course, until Mike Burns and I release our own instructional series. Then there will be two instructional courses that should be in everyone s collection.

Again, I cannot stress enough what a wonderful tool the Extreme Bartending video series has been and continues to be, to myself and everyone I know who has watched it. Many thanks,


Bobby Anderson ( Baltimore )
Bobby Anderson ( Baltimore )

Hey there! I ordered your video series about a month ago to help my Bartending staff with their bar flair. After teaching my guys all I knew and them mastering it, we decided to get your series.

Well I m very glad to say that not only has their interest in flair bartending gone through the roof, but my sales have increased while these guys are working.

In fact our interest in flair now is to the point where we are hosting our own competition on March 8th, which i think will be the first in our area, and we are planning to attend and compete in the springboard division at the City Walk Summit in Orlando in April. So I guess I just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work. And maybe watch out for us at The Quest in the next year or two.=)
Thanks again,

Shoeless Joe s Sports Cafe
Murfreesboro, TN (just outside Nashville)

Josh Murphy ( Tennessee )
Josh Murphy ( Tennessee )