Kimberly Staggs ( Texas )

hi there, scott. hope all is well with you. i know you must have been busy lately. how was vegas? my name is kimberly. we have spoken a couple of times. i am the girl from fort hood, tx, sixty miles north of austin.

i work at the local red lobster. first, i must thank you again. i have a fifteen video set on working flair, competition and tadem flair.

i have been practicing some simple comfortable moves, and have been improving in all sorts of ways behind the bar. my money and tips have increased, and i am just having an all around good time.

i am writing because i have some exciting news: one of the local bars is having a competition. it is nothing serious, more fun than anything which makes me less nervous since it will be my first one. i tend to freeze on a “stage”. because i am new to that experience, i am nervous, but i remind myself that it is just another bar i am working in. not to mention the practice and preparation so that i can not only impress others, but impress myself!!

another bartender that works at this bar called me with the details and was inspired to put on “real” competitions here with sponsers. i was hoping i could pick your brain for some information and advise. i know you must be busy, so only at your convenience. thanks so much. do take care…