Danny ( Texas )

Whats up? Hey I know and im sure you get hundreds of emails but hey i just wanted to thank you for coming down to dallas and sharing alot of your knowledge. not only as a flair bartender but as a bartender period.

I been bartending for about 7 year and like you said in your seminar just got tired of making a plain ol rum n coke or poppin beers. You said a word in your seminar about being like a “chameleon”, fitting in wherever you go with whoever, and thats a word that people use when they talk about me.

Im already a geat bartender but with all your help and knowledge ill be an acceptional one no doubt.

I purchased two of your dvds(Begginer working and competion flair) and with the help you gave us all combined with these are truly the inspiration i needed to get in to this flair bartending.

Nobody in dallas does it but you know what we got going on with nellies and tryst and its truly one of a kind experience so you know what im steppin into. IM READY. intelligence,finesse, and creativty. i posess these three qualities that i believe make a good flair bartender. NE ways long story short……….THANKS…EHHH !!!!!