Paddy And Seamus Were Dear Friends

Paddy and Seamus were dear friends since they were small children. Now in their golden years, Seamus was very ill and knew he was dying. He called for his dear friend Paddy, who soon arrived at the bedside.

Seamus, in a weak voice, whispered to Paddy, “”It’s a great favor I ask yeh now, me dear friend, the last thing I’ll ever ask.””

Paddy answered “”Aye, friend, yeh know I’ll do anything yeh ask me for the sake of our lifelong friendship.””

“”Paddy, when I’m gone, I’d like yeh to pour a bottle of the finest Irish whiskey on me grave.””

Seamus answered, “” Done it is, me old friend!””

Some months later, Seamus passed on also and when he got to the Pearly Gates, his first inquiry was about his old friend, Paddy. He was immediately taken for a reunion with Paddy, whereupon Paddy began screaming at Seamus and beating on him with his fists like a wildman.

Seamus finally got a break in the action to ask Paddy why the brutal treatment.

Paddy asked, “” Do you remember your promise to me when I was dyin’?””

Seamus answered “”Aye, indeed I do, ya wanted me to pour a bottle of the finest Irish whiskey on your grave.””

“”Well, yeh did me wrong, Seamus!”” hollered Paddy.

Seamus answered, “”Oooohhhh! Yes! Now I understand! But yeh didn’t say I couldn’t strain it through me kidneys first!””

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