Measuring Units

Measuring Units:
1 Dash = 1/3 Teaspoon

Dash or Splash

These are terms that simply refer to small amounts. When you are using dashes or splashes, you are flavouring a cocktail for taste, so it becomes a bit of a judgement call. Don’t go overboard, but make sure you use enough to be noticed. A splash is a little more than a dash, and generally involves less viscous liquids such as mixers, whereas dashes are used with stronger flavourings, such as tabasco.

1 Barspoon = 1/2 Teaspoon
1 Teaspoon = 1 Fluid Dram
1 Tablespoon = 1/2 Fluid Ounce
1 Pony = 1 Fluid Ounce
1 Jigger = 1 1/2 Fluid Ounce
1 Wineglass = 2 Fluid Ounces
1 Gill = 4 Fluid Ounces
1 Pint = 16 Fluid Ounces
1 Quart = 32 Fluid Ounces
1 “Fifth” = 25 1/2 Fluid Ounces


Many recipes on the site call for measurements in “parts”. This is simply a relative measurement, often used for mixing large batches of drinks at once. So if the recipe calls for 1 part of ingredient A, and 2 parts of ingredient B, then you would use twice as much of ingredient B.


Unfortunately, there are no single agreed upon units of measures in use world wide. This measurement conversion table will help you determine measurements in different units.

Using definite measures in recipes make them more difficult to create by someone who uses different measures, therefore a good bartender should always use relative measures in their recipes.

If proportional units are used, the drink creator can rest assured that where ever the drink is mixed, it tastes the same, and that should be the ultimate goal for everyone who creates mixed drinks.


Wine and champagne

                               Litres             Ounces ( oz )

split (1/4 btl)         0.177                   6

“pint” (1/2 btl)       0.3752                12

“Quart” (1 btl)       0.739                  25

magnum (2 btls)    1.478                  52

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