A well dressed man went into a bar ordered a double whiskey. He was there sipping his drink when another man came up and said, “”Is that you Pete?””

Pete said “”My name is Pete, but I don`t think I know you.””

The second man said “”Sure you do, it`s me, Martin. We used to work at the same factory together before it closed down.””

Pete said “”Now I remember you, but what happened to you? You are all in scruffy clothes. We got good money when we were laid off. What happened?””

Martin said “”I blew it all on cars, women and drink. I’m totally broke now, but look at you, Pete. All the best clothes and I’ve seen your swell car outside. How did you do it?””

Pete said “”Well I wanted to make my money work for me. So I thought if you have some money, London is the best place to do that. I bought a three-story house. On the first floor there was ordinary sex– just men and women. On the second floor homo sex– you know, men screwing men, and on the third floor paedophile sex for those who like children. I must say I made a fortune. Mind you it was hard work– just me, the wife, and the kids.””

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