Garnishing a Cocktail- Decorating the Drink

Garnishing or Decorating a Drink

Decoration of a cocktail will normally consist of one or two small cut pieces of fruit, herb or cherry garnishes that either complement the flavor of the drink, contrast with the color, or both.

It is important you avoid overpowering the drink. When garnishing with a slice of fruit, be careful with the size, too thin is flimsy, while too thick can unbalance the look and even the flavor of the cocktail.


Citrus Twists
To make a citrus twist, cut a thin slice of the citrus fruit crosswise and simply twist to serve on the side of a glass or in it.


Citrus Peel Spirals
To make a spiral of citrus peel, use a parer or vegetable peeler to cut away the skin, working in a circular motion. Take care not to cut into the bitter pith.


Citrus Peel Knots
You can use strips of peel and carefully tie each strip into a knot.


Cocktail Sticks
These extremely useful wooden cocktail sticks are needed for spearing through pieces of fruit and cherries. These are not re-usable. Plastic cocktail sticks, however, are re-usable provided they are washed and boiled.


Margarita’s and other mixed drinks often call for the rim of the glass to be coated with sugar, salt or another powdered ingredient, which is known as “frosting” or “rimming”. The common method of doing this is to rub the rim of the glass with a slice of citrus fruit, and then dip the very edge of the rim into a small bowl of sugar or salt.


Maraschino Cherries
You should always have a plentiful supply of red maraschino cherries to decorate your cocktails with. These are the most widely used of decorations, as well as being available in multiple colors and flavors.


Straws are essential and go well with many cocktails. These of course, should not be re-used.


Pour into and out of a shaker, usually only once. Gives the drink a quick mixing without shaking.



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