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Just wanted to thank Scott Young for the phone call the other day. I never would have thought the owner of a company would personally handle a question from a customer....wow!!

Outstanding service, you definietly practice what you preach. If you or any of your staff are ever in NJ let me know, I work for a paintball field as well so come out and enjoy shooting each other!!


      -- Chris ( New Jersey )
Hey Scott, its jason in Texas again. Just wanted to let you know that I received my bottles and the shirt and DVD that you sent as well. I am very happy with the way you handled everything and I thank you.

You have a customer for life. I did have one question though. I am having trouble with my cut off when pouring when the bottle is upside down. If you have any ideas on how I can improve in this area that would be great. I know your busy, so just get back to me if you when you have time. Thanks again man.

      -- Jason ( Texas )
Dear Scott,

Just read your e-mail and wanted to take a moment to say "Thanks!" for your promptness, honesty, candor, and humour! -- [LOL]

I've always been a big Rush fan (I even have a handwritten post card from none other than "Pratt", the man himself!), have a cousin currently living in Calgary, and have always appreciated how "y'all" Canadians are so polite, open & frank about...virtually everything!

You've got a great down-to-earth writing style, and I look forward to staying in contact in the future -- Thanks again!!


      -- Keith ( Usa )
Whats up? Hey I know and im sure you get hundreds of emails but hey i just wanted to thank you for coming down to dallas and sharing alot of your knowledge. not only as a flair bartender but as a bartender period.

I been bartending for about 7 year and like you said in your seminar just got tired of making a plain ol rum n coke or poppin beers. You said a word in your seminar about being like a "chameleon", fitting in wherever you go with whoever, and thats a word that people use when they talk about me.

Im already a geat bartender but with all your help and knowledge ill be an acceptional one no doubt.

I purchased two of your dvds(Begginer working and competion flair) and with the help you gave us all combined with these are truly the inspiration i needed to get in to this flair bartending.

Nobody in dallas does it but you know what we got going on with nellies and tryst and its truly one of a kind experience so you know what im steppin into. IM READY. intelligence,finesse, and creativty. i posess these three qualities that i believe make a good flair bartender. NE ways long story short..........THANKS...EHHH !!!!!

      -- Danny ( Texas )

Hey, what's up, man. Thanks for the reply, and sorry to hear about your back. Hope everything's alright with you now.
I'm not sure where I was the last time I wrote you, so here's a quick recap. This all started with your bartending videos.

I did my first flair bartender competition after six months of training (Best in the West). I had no routine -- just got up there and flopped -- but I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought; I got 6th out of 9 in my heat (which for my level was pretty cool, I thought). Well, I was taking the Flair Devil's working flair course at the time, and the next day, while at the class Steve Pacheco said he heard about my "performance" and ended up offering me a barback job at Carnaval Court. He says, "Would you be opposed to being a barback again?" I'm like, "At Carnaval Court?!! I'll be the guy who takes the trash out!!" So anyway, Steve got me a barback job at Carnaval Court, and it's pretty much the greatest place in the world.

I've been working there for almost three months now, and it's awesome. My second competition was King of the Ring II (semi-pro). I didn't do as well as I would have liked (I missed going to the Finals by one place -- I came in 6th overall)
-- had a lot of drops and butchered my juggle -- but oh well. My practice is hovering around four hours a day, so I'm gonna have to kick it up a couple notches.

That's pretty much where I stand. I'm not doing another competition for a while (probably Flips for Tips in October), 'cause I just wanna practice and not worry about competing for now. I have a Level Test at work in one week (speed, accuracy, working, and exhibition rounds to think about), so I'm getting ready for that, but after that I can relax and try to make some progress. These guys are so good out there, and I'm kinda starting a little late (I'm 26 now!). I will say that flair guys will see me sometimes and they go "Hey, you're that guy that's always at the park!" (that's the designated practice spot in town), and that's pretty cool.

Yeah, so, it's not a TOTAL success story yet (if I become a bartender at Carnaval, THEN my story will be complete!), but it's still farther than I thought I would come in a fairly short amount of time.

And it started with your video series, brother! That's funny, huh? I remember watching the first video thinking, "If I could just learn that stuff, I'd be set!"

Then I got the next video and I remember being blown away. I was pretty sure that I'd never be able to do all that stuff. But it pushed me, so I gotta say thanks. Scott, you da man, and maybe in a couple years you'll be able to say, "Hey, I remember when that guy bought my first video series!"
Thanks again.

Shaun Plummer

      -- Shaun Plummer

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