Bar Equipment

Bar equipment

Bartenders need to be well equipped if you want to run a successful bar and is one of the basic first steps. You Need to have the right tools for the job and your equipment should be good quality and durable.

Here’s a list of the equipment you’ll need, and a short description to help guide you.


Can Opener
Useful for opening cans of fruit and syrup.


For opening wine and champagne bottles.


For wiping surfaces and equipment. These should be damp and not wet.


Cutting Board
For slicing fruit and other garnishes. This should be heavy and laminated.


Bar Towels
These are 100% cotton and have sewn edges for durability. Use these along with cloths to keep things clean. Make good use of times where you have no guests to clean bottles and wipe surfaces.


Bottle Opener
For opening screw top bottles.


Bottle Sealers
For keeping liquors and other bottle contents fresh.


Cocktail Shaker
Essential for blending ingredients in cocktails and mixed drinks. Use a short, sharp and snappy shaking technique unless otherwise stated. There are many cocktail shakers availablemostly all get the job done. Choose one that’s right for you. Always pour the least expensive ingredient into the cocktail shaker first, then if you find you’ve made a mistake, you’ve not wasted the expensive liquors.


Electric Blender
Many cocktails require a blender to blend the ingredients smoothly together. Useful for drinks with fruit pieces or ice cream etc.


To grate spices like nutmeg and others.


Ice Bucket
A metal or insulated ice bucket keeps your ice cold and clean.


Ice Tongs and Scoops
Use these to add ice to drinks. Never handle ice with your hands, it’s not only unhygienic, but the heat from your hand will begin to melt the ice. Don’t use glassware as a scoopit’ll break or chip at best, then you’ll have blood and glass in your ice.


A measurement tool.

Juice Squeezer/Extractor
Needed for getting the most juice out of your fruits. It helps to soak citrus fruit in hot water before squeezing.


Bar Spoon
A bar spoon with a long handle and a muddler end will allow you to mix and measure ingredients as well as crush garnishes.


Measuring Cups
Normally glass or chrome with incremented measurements imprinted up the side. These are needed for accurate measurements. They usually come with a set of measuring spoons which are needed for the smaller quantities.


Mixing Glass
Useful for long drinks where it is required to mix the ingredients without shaking.


Sharp Knife
For cutting fruit and garnishes.


Removes the ice and fruit pulp from juices. This may come with a cocktail shaker.


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