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Banquet Inventory

Banquets and Events Made Easy
If you do banquets, AccuBar can help streamline your operations. Using AccuBar for banquets has several advantages:

  1. It allows you to easily start a function with full and partial bottles.
  2. It provides a simplified report for a single function, complete with consumption, cost extensions and estimated sales figures (which can be used for billing purposes, if desired). And you get that info in minutes.
  3. It gives you a full accounting of product movement to and from the banquet.
  4. It allows you to keep banquets more segregated from the rest of your operation, which prevents pouring cost numbers from going haywire around banquet season.
  5. AccuBar’s reporting will track multiple bar in an event, and then compile them into an overall report.
  6. Create multiple pricing tiers that can be quickly assigned to an event for more accurate sales figures.
  7. Reports show consumption by amount of the beverage as well as by the number of drinks poured.

Typically, we see customers doing banquets in one of several different ways. Following is a description of each method, and how AccuBar can help in each situation.

Banquet Storeroom with Banquet Carts
How it’s done today

In this scenario, customers will typically load a banquet cart with full bottles and then place the leftovers back into the storeroom after the event. When the next event starts, bottles are married so that you can start with full bottles again.

How AccuBar can help
If you have a banquet storeroom, AccuBar can make your life easier by eliminating the need to marry bottles. AccuBar makes it quick and easy to simply transfer partial and full bottles to the banquet cart at the start of the event. During the event, if additional items are needed, just open a transfer inventory and transfer the items. Finally, when the event closes, just transfer the items back to the banquet storeroom.

When you change from a hosted bar to a cash bar, you can take a quick inventory to determine how much was consumed for each half of the event. You compare the cash bar counts to the money collected so you can hold your bartenders accountable for any shortage.

Regular Storeroom with Banquet Carts
How it’s done today
Here, the customer doesn’t have a separate storeroom for banquets, so leftovers are typically dumped on the main bar. This can have several negative effects, such as the fact that the main bar’s pouring cost numbers will be thrown off because of the free product that it received.

How AccuBar can help
AccuBar can improve this scenario by transferring leftovers to the main bar, rather than just dumping them there. We recommend that you open your event by transferring items from your storeroom to the banquet cart. Then when the event closes, open another transfer inventory from the banquet cart to the destination bar, and transfer the leftovers.

Permanent Banquet Bar
If you have a permanent banquet bar that remains stocked between events, then just treat it like any other inventory location. The only real problem with this scenario arises if you’re not securing the bar between events. This is an open invitation to your staff that can be easily avoided.

If the bar is locked-down between events, then you can use the ending inventory for the previous event as the opening inventory for the new event. Then you just transfer additional items to the bar as needed during the event.

If, however, the banquet bar is not locked down, then you should definitely start and end each event with a full inventory. This allows you to run the banquet report from the end of one event to the beginning of the next event to see how much your staff has consumed between events.

Banquets are just a fraction of what AccuBar can do to help your F&B operations. To get an overall view of the ways we simplify bar inventory and kitchen inventory, click here

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