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Extreme Ambassador

Author: Staff Reporter
Source: Hot Shots- Bar & Beverage Business Magazine

Carl Berryman is Manitoba’s “go to” guy for flair. The local representative for Extreme Bartending (check out  www.extremebartending.com), Berryman is working the bars and nightclubs spreading the word.


Winnipeg is pretty conservative when it comes to bar presentation.  There is a huge opportunity for staff to improve service and guest satisfaction through extreme service,” he says, adding that he expects the flair trend to take hold in Manitoba over the next year or so.


At 23 Berryman has been pouring for the past five years with jobs at Moxy’s, Earl’s and Mondetta World Café, a location where he first began using flair technique in his day to day presentation.  “We did a lot of long distance passing and teamwork moves,” he says suggesting that for him flair represents a combination of two passions – teaching and hospitality.


“I wanted to expand on my flair capabilities and went to Vancouver to attend one of Scott’s (Scott Young) seminars,” says Berryman whose trademark move is the Carl Slide, a behind the back toss with a forward foot slide.”  The bars and clubs in Surrey (B.C.) really opened my eyes.  There is no one here doing anything even remotely similar.  Extreme bartending is the next step for Winnipeg.  Once there is some exposure here I am certain flair will take off.


Berryman offers that bartenders need to know that they can make a difference at their operations by ramping up their capabilities and using extreme moves as a business tool that drives regular customers through the front door, brings in new trade and increases TIPs.


“Flair shows you really care about your customers and take pride in your work.  A lot of the aspects of extreme is not huge.  Much of what I want to offer through the seminar program are all the little things that bring guests into the action.  These might be as simple as a joke or a trick or a unique way of presenting a drink.  Flipping and flairing with bottles only serves to raise the level of excitement and make the bar a more happening place.”


What goes around come around, he suggests pointing to trends in cocktails and service.  “You have to be prepared to ride the trend when it comes along.  People want variety and something new all the time.  You have to be prepared to put a fresh twist on old classics like martinis and have a handle on older standards that are popular again,” he says pointing to cocktails like Mojitos.


“When people come to the bar they want a ritual and the bartender is the one that has to deliver.  By going extreme you can give customers something to remember and have a lot of fun in the process.”

Date: April 8th, 2005

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