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Author: Staff Report
Source: Rolling Pin International Magazine

Scott Young – His goal is to change, enhance and educate the bartending world.


When he began as a novice at Fog n Suds, Scott Young was bartending for up to 200 patrons per night.  The tile behind the bar would get so slippery when wet, that he challenged himself to have some fun.  He soaked the floor with water and decided that he could glide and dance and have just as much fun behind the bar as his customers were having out in front.


Since his stint at Fog n Suds, Young became a founding member of Absolute Team Canada, performing at the International Bartenders Association convention in Toronto, Canada in 1992 and was a representative for British Columbia on the Tourism Standards Consortium Board of Western Canada (P.R.I.T) assisting in drafting the Bartender’s Professional Standards Guide for Canada.  His ambition and motivation have enabled him to launch his own company.  Young is president and head instructor of Bar Smart – The Performance Bartending Company Inc.  Being the service and goal oriented professional that he is, Young started a growing trend and talent.  Constantly challenging himself to be better than the night before, Young utilizes his own rules which ultimately enhance his and his customers environment.  He describes his profession in terms such as “The Science”, his scientific analogy attributes to his belief that, “It’s more than just pouring drinks, it must be fun”.  A magic show of sorts, demonstrating expressive energy and “cocktail gymnastics”.  Such aspects include knowing good jokes, exercising control and agility; not unlike a surfer or snowboarder would.  His expressive energy, provides crowd-pleasing entertainment, relieving the stress of his customers’ hard day at work and definitely giving them their money’s worth!


A performance/flair bartender for 13 years, Young has worked in nightclubs across North America from Hot Rods in Honolulu, Hawaii to The Roxy in Vancouver, British Columbia where he presently mixes good times.  The FBA (Flair Bartenders Association), an international non-profit organization with representatives in over 50 countries, recognized Young for having the greatest amount of impact internationally as a trainer and represented him with an award at the Legends of World Bartending Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Young was selected to represent Canada in the Havana Club Rum International Bartending Competition in Havana, Cuba in November 1998.  Often serving as a judge for international competitions, such as the Quest for the Best Bartender in the World, and the Legend of Bartending World Championships, he additionally represented Canada as a judge for the International Bartending Association Competition in Singapore in November 2000.

Date: April 8th, 2005

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Scott Young, President and Head Instructor Bar Smart Inc.