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Flipping the bottle
Source: WCF Courier

  Sara Weichers and Tiffany Klahn attempt to spin glasses and toss into the air cocktail shakers, two of the many talents taught at...
Okanagan Extreme
Author: Staff Reporter
Source: Bar & Beverage Business Magazine

Kelowna bartender Dave Simpson likes basketball, but he loves bartending.  At 19, Simpson, passed on his athletic scholarship to a junior college in Washington state...
Playing spin the bottle
Author: Adam Pletsch
Source: Ottawa Sun

The spin, flip and pour their way through the nightshift, flashy yet professional.   They’re performance bartenders and they’re turning the notion of the...
So much more than flipping bottles
Author: Ingrid Paulsen
Source: City Wide Weekend Edition

Founder of the company Extreme Bartending, Scott Young says the movie Cocktail can still be both a blessing and a curse for his business.   ...
Author: Staff Report
Source: Rolling Pin International Magazine

Scott Young – His goal is to change, enhance and educate the bartending world.   When he began as a novice at Fog n Suds,...
Step away from the bar
Author: Caillin Katnich
Source: The Peace Arch News

If you ever stood at the bar and watched in awe as the barkeep juggled glasses and twirled bottles through the air, you’re familiar with...
The best, bar none
Author: Staff Reporter
Source: Winnipeg Free Press

We’ve seen some extreme drinkers in our day.   But we never heard of “extreme bartending” until our recent chat with Scott Young, the Vancouver...
Vancouver bartenders put a new spin customer service
Author: Trevor Lysek
Source: Fairview Post

Twisters Bar would probably be considered an unlikely place to have a classroom.  However, that’s exactly what it became when Scott Young and Brad Thompson...
Work with the Best
Author: Vance Campbell
Source: Bar & Beverage Business Magazine

I was 16, ambitious, looking for a career and was tired of selling suits for Harry Mitchell..  Friends of the family owned a hotel and...
Bartender! Gimme a 'flair'
Author: Vanessa Miller, Camera Staff Writer
Source: dailycamera.com

Bartender! Gimme a 'flair' Event planners expect cocktail trend to catch By Vanessa Miller, Camera Staff WriterJuly 22, 2005 Rule No. 1...

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