A Panda bear walks into a bar – bar joke

“A panda walks into a bar. The bartender says “”hey, we don’t serve pandas here.””

But the panda says “”Just give me something to eat, and then I’ll go.””

The bartender says “”Oh, all right.”” So the panda eats the food that the bartender gives him.

So the bartender says, “”OK, now you have to leave.””

But the panda says “”Oh no I don’t.”” and he pulls out a gun!!! and pow! pow! shoots up the bar.

The Panda starts to leave. The bartender says “”Hey! you can’t just leave after shooting at us!””

the panda says “”Oh, yes I can. Look me up in the dictionary.””

So the panda leaves and the bartender gets out a dictionary and looks up panda.

It says: “”Panda – eats shoots and leaves.”” ”

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