A man walked into a bar – bar joke

“There was a bar advertising a contest and a man walked in to find out what the contest was for. The bartender said it is for anyone who could make my horse laugh wins fifty dollars.

So the man asked where the horse was the bartender said out back in the barn. The man went out to the barn when he returned he told the bartender the horse was laughing the bartender went out and sure enough the horse was.

About a month later the same man was passing the bar and they were having another contest and the man wanted to see what it was so he went in.

The bartender said the horse had not stopped laughing since he was last there. The new contest was for who could make him stop got 100 dollars.

The man went to the barn and came back and told the bartender that the horse was crying and the bartender went to check. When he returned he paid the man and asked how he had done that.

The man replied that the first time I told the horse i had a bigger dick than he did, the second time i proved it.

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