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  • Stocking Your Bar

    Stocking your Bar   A fully stocked bar is a beautiful thing. It’s an ongoing process requiring the addition of certain liquors etc. at a time when there becomes a demand for them.There is no right or wrong way to stock your bar, just whatever you need to create the kind of place you want. […]

  • Garnishing a Cocktail- Decorating the Drink

    Garnishing or Decorating a Drink Decoration of a cocktail will normally consist of one or two small cut pieces of fruit, herb or cherry garnishes that either complement the flavor of the drink, contrast with the color, or both. It is important you avoid overpowering the drink. When garnishing with a slice of fruit, be […]

  • Bar Equipment

    Bar equipment Bartenders need to be well equipped if you want to run a successful bar and is one of the basic first steps. You Need to have the right tools for the job and your equipment should be good quality and durable. Here’s a list of the equipment you’ll need, and a short description to […]

  • Key Bartending Books

     KEY BOOKS TO INCLUDE IN A COLLECTION Copyrighted by John C. Burton – 2004 Any cocktail guide, or manuscript published prior to prohibition is certainly desirable. Unfortunately many books are not to be found because there was a limited number printed, they were printed on acid paper, or thrown away because non-collectors thought they had […]