Our Testimonials

I rode a bus 49 hours to Seattle, had to pay $200 for a cab ride to Vancouver, spent another $140 for the hotel stay, and another 52 hours on the bus back home to go to one of the Extreme Bartending seminars.

By noon of the first day I knew that it would all be worth it. The amount we learned in the two days was amazing. The flair moves we learned were easy and exciting and the guest at my bar are amazed.

Even the experienced bartender can take away so much information from the barsmart series. I would highly recommend the seminars or videos to anyone interested in bartending.

Joe Hogue

This was great… not only more tips, but a lot more fun and a lot more satisfied customers!!! Thnx

Kenneth Hellem ( California )

Hi all.This is Trevor(legends), that you taught on the 29&30 april 2001. i just wanted to thank you again for you time.

I was really impressed with the seminar. I have been practicing with the barstaff and we are trying to get everone together once a week to practice. i still hope to get behind the bar and work sometime soon (since i am still a busboy) but i am even applying the course to bussing, just clearing tables and running around with bottles and glasses. I noticed that you can even flare up removeing the glasses as well as the serving.

My attitude towards working has even improved, i enjoy getting out into the crowd to clear tabels alot more now. I just logged in to your site today for the first time today and am about to go look around some more, so thanks again.. and have fun.. i know i will

Trevor Fraser ( Victoria )

Hi Scott,
Thanks a million. Your video seminar series is excellent, I have let my girlfriend also view them with me and she has tripled her income in tips. She is a waitress at a popular restuarant.
Thanks for the help you are doing for the industry.

James Kirby ( Sparta, Tennessee )

I just wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate the tapes I just received.(4 tapes – EXTREME BARTENDING)

I\ ve been wanting to learn this style for a long time. I used to think I was a good bartender. I have the people skills and the drink knowledge, but now I\ ve realized I\ ve only scratched the surface to my career.
some people think I\ m nuts for wanting to learn extreme bartending. I tell them I think they\ re nuts for not wanting to.

I\ m soon moving to Chicago to start making real money and am making the most of your tapes. I\ ll watch these tapes 100 times in the next 6 weeks I\ m sure.
I think what you guys are doing for us boring bartenders is great. Someday I hope to have the privilege to meet you. I owe you a great deal. Thanks again.

Steve Gonzales ( Chicago )

Just to let you know that I am enjoying the SEMINAR VIDEOS.
A lot of useful ideas in making my job more interesting and making customers happy.
Will keep coming back to your web site to see if there are any new products/videos.
Bartender, Hong Kong

Joe Lee ( Hong Kong )

Thanks for mailing that info, I look forward to recieving and then passing on the goods. Oh and by the way, the video…nothing short of excellent.

This video is ideal for everyone. The format is perfect for anyone that has a bar or sells drinks. From the bartender to the bar owner, you show the importance of what eXtreme bartending is all about-profit!
I work as a bartender for Red Lobster currently, and even an upscale restaraunt such as this one can benifit from your video. My managers were eXtremely impressed by the format and are going to include your videos in their training series for new bar employees.

Jeremy Thomas

Perhaps the most important comment we now hear from our customers is…. You look like you enjoy your job… Among all the accolades we can bestow for the great work you did with us, this is the best indication that your philosophy has stuck with us following the course.
Through your excellent instruction, the groundwork has been set for a different attitude, and it is a positive change which will make us that much more Successful in the work we do at our nightclub.
Thanks for the inspiration.

W.dale Mallock & The Uforia Staff

Look no further. Extreme Bartending s training videos are the best and only tool you will need to start your staff flairing. The 5 set video series offers step by step training for the beginner all the way up to the advanced. It made something that looks impossible into something anyone can learn.

Shawn Greco ( Toronto )

The experience was awesome. The most valuable information I received was how to flip, being a good bartender & making people feel good when they come into our house. I learned how to be a fun bartender rather than an ordinary bartender.

Cuong Vuong