Bobby Anderson ( Baltimore )

The Extreme Bartending video series is simply the best of its kind! After watching and practicing your step-by-step guide, I was able to immediately put the principles and moves into my repertoire.

Your series inspired me to become much more creative and I began coming up with many, many moves on my own. I m already using many of the customer service principles that you discuss. However, your instructional series has caused me to focus on them even more. It has rejuvenated our entire staff!!

Your course has not only given us a very powerful tool to use directly but, has helped us create our own new and innovative ideas. Thank you so much for putting this course together. It s value to our staff and to me personally is immeasurable.

I have learned something from each instructional video that I have watched. Your simple, step-by-step approach is great and I like that you go to great lengths to cover the essential customer service issues that make or break an exceptional bartender,. For a bartender, bar owner or manager this is the only series to use. That is, of course, until Mike Burns and I release our own instructional series. Then there will be two instructional courses that should be in everyone s collection.

Again, I cannot stress enough what a wonderful tool the Extreme Bartending video series has been and continues to be, to myself and everyone I know who has watched it. Many thanks,