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Check out our definitive online bar tenders guide and learn about the exciting world of flair bartending or flairtending with our bartender dvds and staff training seminars.

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 Discovery Channel’s "Time Warp" 

Scott Young & Raji Pine Performed for the Discovery Channel’s amazing cameras that captured everything in Super Slow Motion and then explain the science behind the action.

Flair Bartending Training- At your bar- Whenever you hire us to come to you.

 Teach your staff How to make more money. Now is the time.

Did you ever see bartenders in the movies, on TV, or in a trendy club doing amazing stuff with the bottles and glasses?

Many of those bartenders were from our team or started with our flair bartender DVD & Video programs or our staff training seminars.

Now imagine if you were the bartender. How it would be if you were able to do all that?

Can you see yourself standing in front of a crowd that looks truly amazed by your performance?

Think of what kind of TIPS you’d make.

The excitement builds with every drink you pour.

How would that feel for you when you are able to entertain that whole crowd with some great bartender moves?

Think about what kind of bartender job opportunities you can get, when you master these Flair bartender skills.

People will want to buy drinks just to see you in action, if that doesn’t persuade your boss, I don’t know what will.

So do the smart thing and get started with the Working Flair Bartender Starter Series DVD
 so you can show off your bartender skills to your friends, boss, dates…

Don’t let this opportunity slip between your hands.

Our Flair Bartender Instructor will Fly to your city for a 2, 3 day or up to 2 week Bartending & Customer Service Excellence Seminar

It’s a fantastic deal and we train your staff to be "Intelligent" Working Flair bartenders. No slow down of service and Spillage Is Unacceptable!

* We pay for Airfare

* You pay for accommodation for training instructor

Each student bartender receives: $155 worth of training DVD’s ( see below )

* A  135  page instruction manual ( only available to bartender seminar students )

* Working Flair Bartender DVD Starter Series Box Set ( $119.95 Value) 7 1/2 hrs of flairtending training

* How To Be The Life of The Party DVD ( $34.95 Value ) 3 Hrs of Party Games, Bar Tricks & Challenges, Riddles, Puzzles and Brain Teasers

* Special price on – flair bartender starter kit which includes : a plastic practice flair bottle with pour spout ; a shaker tin; a plastic glass

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If you are just learning how to be a bartender,checkout our Free Online Bartending School Click Here for more information and enroll today!

We want to be your window to the hospitality and bartending industry. We’ve been in the bartending business since 1994 and were the 4th bartender website to be on the internet so we have the experience to help you. Check out our Customer Comments and read over 240 letters from our clients & students to see what kind of people we are. Even if you’re not a bartender and just want to entertain like one, we can help. Take your time, enjoy our FREE bartending resources and come back again and again. If you like what you see, please tell your friends or sign up for our bartender email newsletter.

Thank you for choosing our bartender website and dvd’s to help you achieve your goals.

Scott Young, President & Founder and the Entire team at… 

About Extreme Bartending

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If you’ve seen the movie "Cocktail", you have only been exposed to a mere fraction of what is possible in the field of performance, flair bartending or flairtending. Although the movie was entertaining, Hollywood created an unrealistic and uneconomical portrayal of a flair bartender. extremebartending.com takes flair bartending into the new millennium by making it not only ENTERTAINING, but PRACTICAL and PROFITABLE as well.

The Extreme Bartending™ program will provide your bartenders, porters/bar backs, and bar management with intensive hands-on training in this and many other facets of bar tending. This unique program will teach your bar staff how to maximize profits and minimize percentage costs while providing cost-effective, in-house entertainment.

We feel that whether you’ve been bartending for 10 minutes or 10 years, no matter how many cool moves you can do, do them with precision, control, style, and a smile on your face. Don’t forget that alcohol spillage is unacceptable. This is a business and flair bartending is a business tool, so concentrate on the moves you can do at work with total control.

:: Have more fun than Anybody and Serve It With Style!


Our Team Extreme Bartenders flew to New York City to showcase their bartending skills on the hottest new U.S. nationally syndicated RACHAEL RAY SHOW ( Primetime afternoon talk show ). Dave & Micah wowed the crowd and even taught Rachael a few moves. Millions of people saw what flair bartending is all about in the biggest TV audience ever.