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Many people are painfully unaware of what it takes to get a job as a bartender. In any industry there are only a few top positions and usually hundreds of applications for any bartending job.The hospitality industry is no different, with bartending jobs being especially competitive. Once a top bartending job is filled, it often stays that way which makes it very difficult for up and comers to get a break. But there are still some great bar jobs out there.

You just have to find them. Here are three things to remember when you’re looking for bartending jobs:

  • Be intelligent – Think about what you want and plan for how you’re going to get it.
  • Stand out from the crowd – Increase your odds any way you can, create a really cool resume, and don’t just be another face in the crowd. (Not a character trait of a great bartender.)
  • Be persistent – Don’t be afraid to go after what you want. Let ’em know you’re there.

6 Steps to Get a Bartending Job

  • A Bartender’s resume is different than a resume for any other profession. If you want to get that bartending job, you had better show the bar manager how much you want it.
  • Put the resume on the best quality paper you can get, colored if possible.
  • Put your resume in a great looking folder. Present an entire “Special Bartending Resume Package” that looks really good.
  • Drop your super cool resume package off to the bar manager in person. If you leave it with anyone else, like the bartender who may be threatened by a new person, other than who makes the decision, you’ve wasted your time your resume may have been thrown in the garbage.
  • What kind of bar does my personality and appearance suit?
  • What kind of bartending job would I enjoy?
  • What area, range am I willing to work in?
  • Make a list of at least 10 bars, nightclubs, restaurants, etc.

Gather as much information as you possibly can about each bar you’ve chosen:

  • Full name & position of the people who make the hiring decision. ie. the bar manager
  • How long has the bar been in business?
  • What was in the location before?
  • Is there anything special about this bar?
  • What is the bar’s phone #, fax #, address, etc.
  • Drop by for dinner or a few drinks one night , if possible, to get a feel for the place. You should at least be able to say you’ve been in a few times if asked and be able to tell the bar manager a little bit about the business & it’s clientele.
Take the time. It’s worth it. Address it to the decision maker specifically, never just to “Bar Manager”.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Make a DVD/Video resume as well
  • Put your now special bartender resume on paper that has the bar’s colors
  • Better yet, put your resume on their letterhead  ( see if they have a website and take their logo )
  • Never underestimate the power of saying please – be inventive – when you go in for dinner, make friends with the waitress and bartender and leave a big tip.
  • Find an unusual paper and folder for your resume
  • Include a few pictures of yourself on your resume. Maybe you working behind the bar.
  • Enclose list of the “top ten” reasons  you should hire me. Be creative.

If you’re not sure that you can put together a really first rate package that you can proud of, spend a few bucks and go to a professional. Look in the yellow pages. The idea here is to increase your odds of getting the bartending job you want.


The main thing to remember is that applying for a bartending job is not the same as an accountant position. Bars are looking for personality, so give it to them. Go in with the same mind set you would if you were behind the bar. Great bartenders know that they’re on stage and here to entertain.

Always be professional, but let them know you have presence so that when they ask open-ended questions, don’t give one-word answers. Run with it a bit & add some humor. Have a few classic bartender short jokes ” A guy walks into a bar and says….” .

Have a few bar games or bar bets to challenge them and show that you’re entertaining on many levels.Keep in mind that you are also interviewing them.

There usually comes a time when the bar manager will ask if you have any questions. Bring out a list. For example,, “Are you looking for full-time / part-time, day or night shifts?”, “How long are the shifts?”, “What pay are you offering?”, “What are your policies re: promotions , raises, time-off, medical-dental plans?”, “Could you describe your training program?”, “Do you have a company drink list or should I make them the way I normally do?”, “Are all drinks 1 oz. ?” “Do you have a softball team?”, “Do you supply uniforms?”, “Do you have a staff sales incentive program?” etc.etc…….

What I’m trying to say here is, BE PREPARED!! If you want the really good bartending jobs, you’ve got to show that you should be hired because because you’ve got it together, will do a great job and NOT have an attitude. ( There are enough arrogant bartenders in the world. Confidence is NOT arrogance.) So, go get’em and don’t be afraid to apply to the places you really like , but might not have enough experience for. TAKE THE SHOT, see what happens and keep at it.

I hope this helps get you started in the bartending world. Good luck & let us know how you do.

Scott Young

President & Founder of

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