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Writer looking for great bar stories from bartenders
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Scott Young-President
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:19 am
PostPost subject: Writer looking for great bar stories from bartenders
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Looking for 5 star stories

Hi Everyone,
I just received this e-mail and i thought i'd post it to see if anyone is interested.

Hi Scott. Iím a freelance journalist based in Tasmania and Iím currently constructing an article based on a number of the Ďmore interestingí tales that some top barmen have to share with the rest of the world, and having been a barman for 15 years myself, I know that there are a few worthwhile anecdotes out there.

I'm trying to work out the best way to appproach working bartenders with this query, as often the only point of contact is via either the f& B manager's email, else the gen manager - each of whom would probably be less than interested in offering the suggestion to their humble employees.

Can you suggest any other organisation that would forward the query to the barmen directly, or any other method which I could attempt (other than visiting as many 4 / 5 star hotels, bleeding myself dry and getting hammered in the process)?.

What I am looking for is a story based either on

either an encounter with a particularly memorable person (incorporating a celebrity, or not, as long as itís a story worth telling),

an observation (professional bartenders are professional eavesdroppers after all)

or a favoured line/phrase used on clients Ė eg (Iíve never been married but I have had a few wives!)

else a truly memorable event / meeting / expose / drunken rambling.

Complete discretion is guaranteed, unless otherwise stated, and no hotels will be named in the piece.

Having had the pleasure to experience the 4 star hospitality industry in the same capacity myself, I know without question that there is enough material to fill not only a short draft, but most likely an entire tome!

The collected works will also eventually comprise the substance of a much larger work Ė but will initially be offered to specific In-flight and / or Menís interest magazine section of the Australian market.

Each barman who would like to elicit an initial response by stating that they would be interested In taking part in the piece, which I will acknowledge, and then follow this up with their story of less than 200 words .each respondent will receive an electronic copy of the article within the next eight weeks.

Many thanks Scott, and I await your response eagerly.

Remember; you canít get into trouble just for telling the storyÖ.
Scott Young
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